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EyePACS' end-to-end services help you implement a successful blindness prevention program.

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Why medical clinics should perform retinal exams

Early detection and treatment of diabetic retinopathy can reduce the risk of blindness by as much as 90%. Typically, less than half of diabetic patients receive timely retinal exams. The reason? Difficulty getting to the eye doctor has been the major problem. The solution? Bring the retinal screening to the patient in primary care, an important step toward preventing diabetic blindness.

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Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive approach provides everything you need for a successful blindness prevention program.


We make it easy to connect primary care providers with eye care providers.


The EyePACS system evolves to integrate the latest technology and fit your changing needs.


Our leadership team and network of clinics have decades of experience and knowledge and conducts ongoing research to improve health outcomes.


We concentrate on making your blindness prevention program financially sustainable while also helping you achieve your quality goals.

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Why EyePacs

"By eliminating the need for a separate visit to a specialist for those with no or only mild disease, EyePACS increased the number of patients screened for DR without increasing demand on specialty care."

Dr. Lauren Daskivich

Director, Ophthalmology and Eye Health Programs for LAC DHS

"...He went blind within three months, waiting for an eye exam...That is why I decided to institute EyePACS DR screening within T.H.E. clinic."

Dr. David Martins

Medical Director, T.H.E. Clinic


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We'll add our expertise to yours to help you get your diabetic blindness prevention program off the ground. Leverage our expertise, and the experiences of hundreds of other organizations in working with health care systems, public-private partnerships, research centers, government agencies, and more.


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Our team has decades of experience in telemedicine and diabetic blindness prevention. We work with universities, technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, and more to advance their research and development goals.

The World Of EyePACS

Our passion for preventing diabetic blindness takes us to interesting places to meet thoughtful, caring people. Explore success stories, get advice and discover the latest research developments.

August 1, 2019News

Working with UCBDH to Prevent Blindness

Did you know that UC Berkeley Digital Health (UCBDH) has been our partner since before EyePACS LLC was started in 2010?

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