Blindness Prevention of Diabetic Retinopathy in Mexican Immigrant Communities: Engaging Patients in Preventative Care

February 8, 2019

We’re excited to participate in a unique study that focuses on engaging people with diabetes for better preventative vision care. Our target group is Mexican immigrants who pass through the Mexican consulates of San Francisco and Fresno. They will receive EyePACS retinal screenings, diabetic retinopathy information and personal health coaching in Spanish from Ventanilla de Salud personnel and from Mexican ophthalmology residents at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) and IOCV (Institute of Ophthalmology Foundation Conde de Valenciana). Working with these institutions and University of California Berkeley School of Public Health, we are testing the hypothesis that people with diabetic retinopathy will engage more in preventative care and be more likely to attend referral appointments with eye care specialists.

We’ll write a follow up post when the study is completed. Stay tuned!

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