Electronic Medical Consult Technology:

EyePACS uses “store and forward” electronic consult (e-consult) technology. The system allows clinics to capture and upload digital images of a patient’s retina to the EyePACS website for interpretation by a trained clinician in a remote location:

  • Diabetic patients are referred for screenings by the doctors who see them in the course of their regular diabetes management program.
  • At each screening, patients will have a total of eight retinal pictures captured by a camera operator. Images and clinical data will be uploaded to the EyePACS website.
  • The retinal images will then be reviewed and interpreted by doctors, searching for any signs of sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy. Reports will be created.
  • Once the consultants have read the images and responded, patients will be contacted by their clinic to communicate their results. If needed, they will be provided with referrals for treatment and control to prevent the progression of the disease.
  • When necessary, appointments for immediate treatment will be arranged and coordinated by the clinic with the patient. 

This clinical communication system has been used successfully for diabetic retinopathy screenings in diverse clinical settings all over the country.