EyePACS Capture, Encryption, and Intergration Software

Practice-wide, unlimited access to EyePACS software -- FREE

Professional Service Options – Choice of Service Plan

  • Plan 1: EyePACS provides professional image interpretation [Professional Service Fee billed monthly per patient encounter with minimum of 30 patients per month]
  • Plan 2: EyePACS Secondary Review Service [Professional Service Fee billed monthly per patient reviewed with minimum of 30 patients per month; billing begins after 100 proctored cases]
  • PCP Certification Course: Free of charge
    PCP Certification Training Course per provider includes: 4-hour introductory webinar; case-based learning with 15 practice cases and 15 test cases, and 100 proctored patient encounters per physician

System Interface

Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Registry Interfaces: the EyePACS program can interface with some electronic systems using web services and/or Health Level 7 messaging interfaces. Prices may vary depending on clinical system.

EyePACS Auto-Focus, Auto-Capture Retinal Camera Kit

  • Camera: CenterVue DRS Camera for retinal image capture and transmission
  • Laptop: Dedicated computer equipped with iCam retinal capture software
  • Table: Motorized Patient Table
  • Installation: In-Office Camera/Table Assembly, Installation and Setup
  • Training: Training up to 5 photographers
  • Tax and Shipping