EyePACS is a non-proprietary web-based application for exchanging eye-related clinical information. Design principles are based on the concept that clinicians should adopt clinical information systems only if the systems integrate efficiently into their workflow with the minimum amount of change to their customary practices. The system's design principles include:

  • Minimal barriers to access and use

  • Interoperable with relevant health information systems and diagnostic devices

  • Adaptable to different settings

To date, the EyePACS server has collected more than 250,000 clinical encounters with images that have been generated by screening programs in primary care settings. Credentialed clinicians can participate as case reviewers from any typical secure Internet terminal anywhere in the world. This distributed network allows the system to link primary care providers with local community eye care providers as well as EyePACS Retinal Reading Program clinicians without regard to their physical location.

EyePACS 6/22 Learning Community - Highlights from the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. Meeting: Game Changers in Vision, Prevent Blindness National Summit Dr. Jorge Cuadros discusses the 4th annual "Focus on Eye Health" National Summit hosted by Prevent Blindness in Washington, D.C. This year's theme was "Game Changers in Vision."