Implementing EyePACS for diabetic retinopathy screening involves five simple steps: 

   Delivery and set-up of the retinal camera

  Administrative and clinical staff orientation

  Integration of retinal screening with clinic workflow

  Photographer training and certification

  Ongoing support from regionally located EyePACS program staff

Retinal Camera and Accessory Equipment Package:

  Optovue iCam Retinal Camera for image capture 

  Dedicated laptop with iCam software preinstalled

  Motorized patient power table with laptop arm (not pictured)

  Training and certification for up to 5 photographers per camera

  Tax (if applicable), Shipping and handling

Camera Operators

Photographers are trained with emphasis on focus, position and illumination of each image and are well equipped to operate a retinal camera. For the success of diabetic retinopathy screening, a camera operator should be familiar and comfortable with technological devices, interact and communicate well with patients, and have attention to detail to capture consistently high quality images.