Become an EyePACS Photographer - STEP 3 - Navigating the certification and clinical websites

Becoming a certified EyePACS photographer is quite easily accomplished in three manageable steps without ever leaving the clinic. Some clinic staff become trained and certified in a day! Today we discuss step three: what happens after the retinal images are captured in the clinic.

Each set of eight images used for diabetic retinopathy screening is uploaded to the certification website. You will have a certification account and will sign in on the site easily. As you submit your practice cases, each will show up on the practice case list for EyePACS coordinators to review. Once they have been reviewed, you can open each practice case to look over the feedback and take the suggestions into consideration before attempting to capture additional images. Once the uploaded images are consistently good, you will be given access to the Test Questions Module.

Then, as a certified photographer, you’ll get a new account on the clinical website. New patient cases (encounters) will be added by clicking the “add encounter” button at the top of the page. You will select your images from the camera hard drive and, as they load, you’ll enter patient and medical details. When complete, the retinal consultant can provide a read and diagnosis.

 You will eventually discover that, about one time out of five, you will have provided information that identifies a patient with vision threatening eye disease, and that helps save the sight of a diabetic patient. You will have been instrumental in preventing the potentially devastating consequences of diabetic eye disease. Find details about camera operation on this part of our site.