The EyePACS Photographer, STEP 2 - Operating the camera

Becoming a certified EyePACS photographer is quite easily accomplished in three manageable steps without ever leaving the clinic. Today we will explain step two: the basics of camera operation and troubleshooting tips.

EyePACS trainers first provide, on site, a brief demo to show how, with some practice, the series of images can be captured quickly and easily. First, the photographer will learn how to adjust the table, chin rest, and patient chair height until the patient is seated comfortably.

Next, the patient’s information is entered into the bolded fields of the camera imaging software. All fields that are completed are used to label each image for easier identification during image upload. The EyePACS trainer will teach you the way to gain the greatest control of the camera so you can capture a sharp, crisp image of the retina with the retinal landmarks (optic disc, macula, and blood vessels) well defined. You will use a joystick to focus and properly center the subject within the frame.

If an image turns out blurry, or dark shadows, eyelashes, or other obstructions are present, you’ll just save the original image and attempt to capture another image later. It won’t take much practice to get good at capturing usable images. Find details about being a digital retinal screening photographer on this part of our web site.